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North Stradbroke Island 2018

SCUBA Diving at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island

The reefs off Point Lookout provide a variety of habitats and offer excellent diving opportunities.  Manta Bommie is the premium site during the summer months.  This rocky reef seasonally becomes home to a fantastic diversity of sharks and rays.  Here you can dive with manta rays, leopard sharks, eagle rays, wedgefish, reticulate whip tail rays, wobbegongs, bamboo sharks, cow tail rays, blue spot mask rays as well as all the other stuff (including some fantastic octopus and turtles). Other dive sites that may be frequented include Shag Rock and Flat Rock which both are home to a fantastic diversity of fish life and other marine creatures as well as colourful corals.

We will be diving through the local operator Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre.  We will be transported from MBRS up to Point Lookout.  Boats launch from the beach (that in itself can be an adventure) and head out for 2 dives before returning. 

Please contact Manta Lodge directly to book your spot or contact Amelia Armstrong for more information. Places are limited and all bookings are subject to weather & Manta Lodge’s cancellation/booking conditions.

Following the dives we will transported back to Dunwich to catch ferries across to the mainland.  There are public bus options if you’d like to stay up at the Point for the remainder of the day and there are lots of accommodation options (including a backpackers at Manta Lodge) if you wish to stay overnight.

Please remember to arrange all flights 24 hours after diving!

Alternative self-directed activities

For those not diving, Straddie has much to offer.  Catch the public bus and head up to Point Lookout to enjoy the surf beaches. There are several. Main Beach and Cylinder Beach are patrolled and both are popular beaches for surfing.  Cylinder Beach is north facing and so is great for swimming for all ages. 

While at Point Lookout take a stroll along the Gorge Walk which starts opposite the gelato shop and finishes just north of Main Beach. You have a great chance of spotting bottlenose dolphins, turtles and white bellied sea eagles. 

If fishing is more your style, head to Amity Point which is the northern most settlement on the bayside.  There is also great snorkelling here from shore along the rock wall where you can see wobbegongs and loads of fish. 

Oceania Chondrichthyan Society

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