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Passions of Paradise Research Award


Passions of Paradise is based in Cairns, Queensland, and runs day trips to the Great Barrier Reef on board a modern, purpose built sailing vessel. In February 2007, the OCS and Passions of Paradise entered the first of a multi-year sponsorship arrangement. Passions of Paradise is certified as an Advanced Ecotourism operation by Ecotourism Australia and has been running an on-board shark conservation awareness program through which visitors on board the boat learn about sharks and rays, the issues facing them and their conservation. Proceeds from t-shirt sales and other merchandise are donated to the OCS to fund student awards and research grants.


Importantly, every dollar donated by Passions is used to directly fund student research grants and awards. OCS members are also offered a 30% discount on all trips to the Great Barrier Reef on-board Passions of Paradise.

Applications are open!

The OCS and Passions of Paradise annual student research award is now open for 2019 Applications. This years award is valued at $3000 AUD and is open to any student member of OCS who has been a paid member for at least 6 months. Full details of the award and its criteria can be downloaded here. The marking criteria is also available here. We encourage all applicants to carefully read the marking scheme to make sure that you do not miss any important information.

Please e-mail applications  to: 

Oceania Chondrichthyan Society Secretary:  


Applications received after the 22nd November 2019 or that do not contain all the required information will not be considered.

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